Our Yacht Transportation Company Will Treat Your Vessel Like It Was Ours.

Port EvergladesWhen you want your yacht treated with the utmost in care while transporting, contact a company which will do just that. Your beautiful yacht needs to be taken care of by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Our team of specialists at United Yacht Transport are safe, reliable, and professional. We transport from the coasts of North America to across the world. Your yacht is your pride and joy, let our experienced staff take care of transporting it to its next destination.


Know About the Company that is Transporting Your Yacht.

Before choosing the company for your yacht transportation, you should know a little about them. First of all, ask them if they have all of the proper licensing required by the appropriate authorities. If you are in doubt of their licensing, you can always check out their company at the SAFER website to ensure that they are indeed licensed properly. Next, ask them about their insurance. Of course, you will have your own insurance policy but if you don’t have a policy that covers transport damages, the cost of damage may come out of your pocket. Also, ask if they have a tracking system on the cargo ship. This way you can monitor the transportation progress. And above all, ask for references. Word of mouth is typically a credible way to get information. You can also read independent reviews online. Remember to get an estimate! Don’t choose a company with all of those hidden costs. Ask for an upfront cost and make sure that the company sticks with it. Lastly, ask the company if there is anything that you need to personally do to prepare for the transfer of your boat.

Year-Round Yacht Transportation.

pbcYacht transportation, when done by the leading company in North America, offers the owner an experience that he will remember. United Yacht Transport is, in fact, the leader in this industry in North America. By giving our customers a reliable year-round sailing schedule, unparalleled customer service, and a low price guarantee, we have worked our way to the top. Our specialists pay attention to every detail from the moment you choose us to transport your yacht. From loading directly from the water or shore up to the cargo ship, until the minute your yacht reaches its destination, our focus is on the care and safety of your vessel. We also are extremely familiar with each port that we travel to and can offer specific details about each if need be. By transporting boats to the most popular ports around the world year-round, we know the safe passageways like the back of our hand. Our knowledge and flexibility are what sets us apart from competitors. And our safety record is impeccable.

We Are Professionals in the Yacht Shipping Industry.

All of our Untied Yacht Transport employees are put through a demanding and laborious training process to ensure their knowledge in each step by step procedure. From loading and unloading to handling slings and chains used to secure each vessel, our team knows and understands the progression from beginning to end. The experienced seamen that we work with know the seas we travel, if there is ever an unforeseen circumstance due to the weather, they will make the call to possibly delay or re-route. Safety to both people and possession is a number one priority in our company. Our insurance policy is through Lloyd’s of London which is an A rated insurance company. We also receive daily email updates from the cargo vessel with estimated time of arrival for each port destination.

South Florida is the Home of Our Yacht Transport Company.

Located in South Florida, United Yacht Transport Company is at the heart of the yachting capital of the world! Fort Lauderdale has more than 300 miles of waterways and has tens of thousands of registered yachts in the water. South Florida has more registered boats in the area than in any other state in the United States. Also, South Florida is where the International boat show is held. Every year, about 100,000 people come to this event to see new and exciting vendors. The boat show is a spectacular affair showcasing yacht designers and builders, high-performance boats, sailing yachts and motor yachts and so much more. If you are a boat lover, this is a show that you do not want to miss. So it is no wonder that tourists come from all corners of the world to visit. And for this reason, United Yacht Transport has the perfect place to call home.

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Yacht Transport - United Yacht Transport -  Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Yacht Transport – United Yacht Transport – Aberdeen, Hong Kong

With our wonderful customer reviews, knowledgeable and reliable staff, and our low price guarantee, there is not a single reason that you should choose another company when it comes to yacht transportation. If your vessel needs to go to or come from any of the major destinations that we travel to, give us a call or send us an email for a free quote. We will treat your yacht as if it was our own, which will keep you coming back to us each time you need to reach a new destination. Some of our destinations include the coasts of North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean. Don’t settle for a substandard company with hidden fees or less than qualified employees. Go with a company who is known throughout the yachting community as being top-notch in the industry.