Yacht transportation is important in today’s fast-paced age where people are constantly on the go. People treasure their boats and when the vacation season is in full swing, many are traveling to exotic locations to relax during the summer months. The big decision every boat owner faces, however, is whether they should sail their yacht to its destination or choose to go with our yacht transportation service. While both are an option, we always recommend our clients choose to go with transporting their yacht using our services instead of sailing.

The Costs

We deliver top of the line yacht transport to our clients to ensure their boat arrives on time because we understand how frustrating it can be to go off schedule. When people choose to sail their boat themselves across the big pond the costs can be astronomical. The fuel alone can cost a quarter of a million dollars not to mention the cost of hiring a crew, getting supplies, and being prepared for an emergency.

Not to mention the boat itself can become damaged during the journey and when it arrives at its destination you’ll have to pay extra to have it repaired. Wear and tear is normal for yachts used frequently, but you don’t want to deal with irreversible damage when handling your boat.

Outer Hull Damage

Our boat transport service is number one in the world since we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients have the best service from the moment we load your yacht to the time it’s delivered to you. Another worry yacht owners face is damage to the outer hull that can occur if it accidentally hits rocks or coral. Even if the damage is superficial like a deep scratch or scraping off paint, that’s still an issue you have to deal with upon arrival.

Basic Wear and Tear

People often forget how basic wear and tear can be damaging to a boat and stressing it unnecessarily is not recommended. We understand people enjoy sailing their yachts, but if it’s a long journey to a destination it’s a better idea to let us handle the heavy lifting.

The reason is depending on the yacht, it may not be cut out for a long journey across the water, not to mention all the supplies you’ll need to have before setting sail. Yachts are complex pieces of engineering and over time they will suffer damage whether its due to high winds, waves, or an accident that may occur onboard. And when you’re sailing on your own, a storm may pop up without you knowing it and do even more damage to the boat before you can reach port.

People who choose to go with yacht transport are doing so with the knowledge their vessel will be delivered on time to its destination. Common wear and tear is a thing of the past since your boat won’t have to weather thousands of miles to reach its destination. People who are on a tight schedule will enjoy knowing their boat will arrive on time and won’t have to worry about any delays that may occur if the vessel was to be delivered by sailing it.

We take our services seriously and ensure your boat has white glove service from start to finish and will arrive in the same condition we received it in. Before we set sail, we always encourage our clients to have their boat checked over to see if it needs any maintenance or repairs before coming into our care. We also recommend clients go over their boat and secure down any possessions and remove any valuables so they’re not lost during transport. This way when your yacht arrives you’re ready to set sail and to enjoy your vacation without any worries on your mind. You can enjoy your vacation and spend the time relaxing with friends and family.