Let Us Transport Your Yacht to Your Vacation Destination.

fishing from yachtAre you planning on taking a vacation of a lifetime to Costa Rica for fishing, hiking trails through the rain forest, cruising the coast line and scuba diving? You have your own yacht, but you are not experienced enough boat captain to travel through the open waters to get there. What is the alternative? You could charter a boat once you get there, but then what is the point of having your own yacht? This is where Untied Yacht Transport can help! We take the planning and hassles of vessel transportation out your hands.


Benefits of Yacht Shipping Vs Doing It On Your Own.


Even if you are an experienced captain, there are other beneficial reasons to transport your yacht with us. Consider, not only the experience required, but also the time, weather, and cost. Yachts typically have a small fuel tank and are designed for short travels or for locations where fuel is available. The open water is not a place where you can simply pull over and fill up. If you were to attempt to travel a long distance in your yacht, you should only consider this if your vessel is in tip top condition. Maintenance costs for long voyages are also quite expensive. Taking the time boating to your destination will take time away from your actual vacation. Why take weeks boating there when you can simply take an airplane and arrive in just a few hours? When you are planning a trip to Costa Rica for example, contact us to arrange for your yacht to arrive at the port when you plan to arrive. The weather in open oceans is unpredictable. Rough waters or storms can come out of nowhere and lead to a dangerous situation. Hiring our company to transport your vessel is a smart and simple process which will take the stress out of making the journey yourself. Our experienced team members know the ins and outs of the travel lanes and will get your yacht to its port destination safely and securely.

Our Yacht Shipping Company is the Leader in North America.

port of GolfitoUnited Yacht transport is North America’s leading company for boat shipping. With experienced workers and a low price guarantee, you can rest assured that your yacht will arrive securely without paying a fortune in shipping costs. Whether your yacht is 30 feet or over one hundred feet, we got it covered! Your only focus needs to be to plan your trip to Costa Rica and enjoy your vacation without worry. We will transport your yacht to the Port of Golfito which is located in Puntarenas Province which is on the southern Pacific coast, close to the border of Panama. Golfito is a close distance to the airport, so you will not need to travel far to reunite with your yacht. The surrounding area is Golfo Dulce which holds calm water and is a perfect location for fishing. Close to this port, you will find national parks, wildlife reserves, rivers teaming with marine life and a beautiful tropical rain forest. Cruise along the coast for some spectacular views! Anchor your yacht, hop in the dinghy, and ride to the shore for a wonderful beach day.

Risk-Free Yacht Transporting Booking Program.


Our reliable company has made a name for itself in the yachting community as offering all of our customers a premier experience. Our customers come back to us time and again when they have the need to transport their yacht. Our team consists of highly trained experienced personnel who know this business inside and out. With our 100% risk-free booking program, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not need to give a deposit until your yacht is loaded on the carrier ship Our new program offers you price matching with other yacht transport companies, written confirmation that freight has been paid by the owners, a guarantee of cancellation in case of an unforeseen delay, a third-party escrow account for all financial transactions, daily email updates to confirm location and estimated time of arrival, and, cargo insurance policies from Lloyd’s of London. United Yacht Transport is the only one in the industry that offers this type of program to its customers. With this new risk-free booking program, we are showing that our dedication to providing our clients with high standards in yacht transportation.

We Ship Boats Year-Round.


United Yacht Transport, Vessel Shipping Worldwide Leading Reliable Source

United Yacht Transport, Vessel Shipping Worldwide Leading Reliable Source

Many boat shipping companies will only work during season transporting yachts, but at United Yacht Transport, we work year-round. Not everyone follows the crowds and travels during the same time of year, and we understand that. We are ready to go when you are. United Yacht is more than just a transport service, we are also a full-service concierge and can meet your needs at any time. We go out of our way to make and keep our customers happy. Whether you want to meet your yacht in Costa Rica, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, or the Mediterranean, we will get it there for you. We offer the lowest prices in around and have shipped more boats between the east and west coasts in North America. By transporting to many of the most popular ports around the world, you won’t need to limit your vacation areas. Our company guarantees that your yacht will arrive at its port destination on time so it is available for you to enjoy! When you are ready to plan your vacation of a lifetime, click here to contact us about boat transport costs and let us handle the work of transporting your yacht for you.