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As a yacht owner, you want to enjoy your boat throughout the year. Making sure that your boat is in optimal condition requires regular maintenance. In the cold winter months, you need to winter-proof your boat so that it stays safe and in good condition through the cold winter months. This way, you can get your yacht back on the water quickly in the spring. Let’s take a look at the best time to winter-proof your yacht and the essential steps for properly winterizing it.

The right time to winter-proof your yacht

Generally speaking, once summer is over and the leaves have started to change color, it is time to start thinking about winter-proofing your yacht. With a chill in the air, fall should be a reminder that your boating days are coming to an end for the season. Some people like to winter-proof in September right after Labor Day, while others wait a little longer. If you live in California or another warmer place, you may not see temperatures dipping in September, but colder regions can see frost and snow. But remember, it is not the ice or snow that can freeze a motor, but temperatures below freezing for an extended period of time, or dipping way below for just a day can.

So as long as you watch the weather like a hawk and are ready to winterize on short notice, you can set your own schedule for winter-proofing. Winterizing your boat can be time-consuming, and you can either set time aside to do the job properly yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. If you are planning to hire a company or individual, remember that they may not have dates available later, as folks want their boat winter proofed as late in the season as possible. So unless you have plans to brave the waters in the winter, it may be best to book the winterizing job early to be able to pick suitable dates, and also perhaps get a better price on services at this less busy time.

Getting a longer boating season

Some people just cannot get enough of cruising on their yacht. And with so many beautiful locales all over the world, who can blame them? With United Yacht Transport (UYT) ready to transport your boat safely and securely to worldwide destinations all year round, it is indeed tempting to never stop cruising. With a global network of agents and partners, as well as experienced teams members, we at UYT can provide you with the best yacht transport services anywhere. If you want to travel to an area where waterways do not freeze, just let us know and we would be happy to assist you with all your boat shipping needs.

If you live in a warmer region, you can even consider leaving your boat in the water in the cooler months. You can use an engine compartment heater or a bilge heater to protect your boat. This way you can have quick access to your boat for a winter getaway. There is also an added advantage of your boat being less susceptible to damage, because boats kept out of the water are completely exposed to low temperatures and freezing air, and do not benefit from the water’s mitigating effect. If you own a small boat, you also have the option of storing it in a heated garage or storage space, and you are set.

Essential steps for winterizing

The main goal of winter proofing is to remove all fluids from the boat that could freeze, and also to take the time to clean off the dirt and debris of the summer and make any necessary repairs. The important tasks to complete for winterizing your boat include:

– remove batteries

– drain the fresh water system and empty and clean out all tanks

– clean and inspect for repairs

– fill all hoses and pumps with a half and half mixture of water and RV anti-freeze

Winterizing is essential for protecting your boat. Or if you want to skip winterizing and go for a winter cruise, shipping boats is best done by experts at UYT.