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United-Yacht-Transport-Hong-Kong-China-60-1381170441United Yacht Transport, the North American leader in boat transport, has just finished loading another chock-a-block westbound sailing on the massive M/V Huanghai Glory in Port Everglades. Some of the boats transported were the 96′ Skipperliner, 83′ Bennetti, 82′ Montefino, 82′ Pershing, 76′ Rayburn and the brand new 70′ Ocean Alexander. The Huanghai Glory is just one of the many cargo ships that our company uses to transport yachts to its destination. From Canada to the port of Hong Kong, we can get your yacht from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S. or across the world. The westbound M/V Huanghai Glory, in addition to every other westbound sailing this year, has been completely full, including the underdeck space. The record-size sailing is making stops in Port Everglades, St. Thomas, Cristobal, Manzanillo, Ensenada, Victoria, and Busan. “We are the most reliable carrier in North America and, in 2016, have transported more boats and run more sailings than all of other carriers combined. Our combination of reliable sailings, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, unmatched safety record and customizable logistics, make us a one stop shop for captains, brokers and owners looking to transport their boats.

United Yacht Transport is the Leader in North America.


United Yacht Transport, Reliable Year Round Sailings

United Yacht Transport, Reliable Year Round Sailings

The “King of Instagram”, billionaire Tony Toutouni, is transporting his newly purchased 68′ Azimut from Port Everglades to Ensenada, Mexico with a final destination of L.A. Tony will add this to his collection of toys as well as the new airplane he also bought on his trip to the east coast. At United Yacht Transport, we treat all of our customers as VIP’s. By offering excellent customer service, we will exceed your yacht transport expectations. We offer all our customer’s reliable year-round sailings, and, the lowest price guaranteed in North America. If you have recently attended the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and purchased a luxury yacht, give us a call and we can get your new toy safely to the port destination of your choice. This year for the International Boat Show, we fully loaded the M/V Clipper New York from the Mediterranean to Port Everglades and delivered featured boats such as the 124′ San Lorenzo, 121′ Couach, 110′ Fittipaldi, 105′ Montecarlo and 92′ Sunseeker right on time for this tremendous show. If you are planning to attend the show in 2017, keep us in mind for yacht transportation. Whether shipping a cruising yacht like the Westerly 33 foot, or a luxury super-yacht such as the Marquis 720 Tri-deck, we’ve got you covered! Shipping boats from 30-feet and up to 160 feet, we are the company to call when your yacht needs to be safely transported.

Our Yacht Transport Company Will Save You Time and Money.

Untitled-2_032Being an owner of a yacht is great fun, but it also comes with much responsibility, especially if you want to transport your yacht from one destination to another one far away. The cost and time alone to sail it from Miami, Florida to say, west coast of California would be extraordinary. Besides the cost, you would need to consider the fuel that it would take. Overall, yachts have small tanks and are only meant for short distance travels. So, stopping from port to port along the way would need to happen in order to refuel. Not only is this costly, but also very time consuming. This is where United Yacht Transport Company come in. By calling us for yacht transporting, we will do all of the work for you at a fraction of the price you would spend
when doing it on your own. By shipping your yacht or boat with us, you will take the headache out of doing it on your own or having to hire someone to sail it for you. We will safely get your yacht to its destination in pristine condition and on time. With many shipping dates available, you won’t need to wait months to meet your yacht at its next destination. For safe and reliable transport, call the leader in the industry! Click here to contact us for a quote.

Transporting Your Yacht Around the World.

feadshipsavannahx650As a carrier, we are able to manage the entire process from beginning to end to ensure a smooth experience for our clients. United Yacht Transport has had a terrific year thus far and will continue with our exemplary service, price, and reliability to put ourselves a notch above the other carriers. If you are going on vacation in another part of the world, enjoy yacht races, or are just planning to cruise new destinations, we can have your yacht delivered to you in whichever port you plan to be in.
United Yacht Transport is the premier worldwide yacht transporter that offers cost effective yacht transport and yacht transporting services. United Yacht Transport ships worldwide to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean. As the North American leader in yacht transportation, United Yacht Transport prides itself on reliability, safe transport, and unparalleled customer service. To see all of our port destinations, click here. Our experienced and professional employees go above and beyond our client’s expectations to make our company the most efficient, safe, and cost effective yacht transport business that you can find. Also, we are the only company in the industry that does not require upfront deposits. Located in South Florida, we are proud to call the “Yachting Capital of the World” our home.