When a yacht enthusiast is given the opportunity to purchase their own personal yacht, it is a very exciting time in their life. They have obtained an investment that they have worked very hard for and protecting it is crucially important to them. Commonly they will ship their yacht once to several times a year depending on their travel demands. While this is a great option for being able to get the best out of their investment, there are several key things they must consider to make sure their vessel is prepared for the yacht transport process.

While United Yacht Transport is the top skilled yacht shipping company in their industry, there are several tips that yacht owners must heed to ensure a safe, successful voyage for their vessel. Securing all lose articles on board is imperative to ensure that valuables do not become dislodged in the boat transport process and create damage to the interior of the vessel. Providing the boat transport company with accurate measurements of the vessel ensures that your yacht will have a secure fit once fastened into place for the long trip is also a priority. Obtaining travel insurance is also important. While it may increase the boat transport cost, in the long run, it provides an added protection to the vessel owner that is too risky to go without.

Securing all Articles Inside the Vessel

When preparing your yacht for the boat shipping process, it is important to consider the chances of rough waves during transit. While sometimes even the small details are overlooked, it is important to ensure that there are no loose items inside the vessel that could become projectiles. Securing all loose items will decrease the risk of any interior damage happening. Especially if there are important valuables, heirlooms, or keepsakes, boat shipping can put these items in jeopardy. These items should be kept at home or secured safe away in a drawer or closet where they will not slide and become dislodged.

Providing Accurate Measurements to your Yacht Transport Carrier

When your yacht transportation company prepares your vessel for its important voyage, there are some important key pieces of information that can help to make the process a smooth one and ensure a perfect fit for your vessel. Your yacht’s accurate measurements are a valuable piece of information to help provide you with an accurate boat shipping estimate and ensure that your yacht fits securely onboard in it’s designated slip. While this can be done onsite, it saves a lot of time by having this information ahead of time, creating a smoother transaction as your preferred yacht shipping company prepares your yacht for the long voyage ahead.

Obtaining a Good Travel Insurance Policy

When shipping your valuable investment, it is important to obtain a good travel insurance policy to protect the yacht owner from the liability of any damages. While United Yacht Transport has a great reputation for getting your yacht safely and securely to its destination without any signs of damage, there are emergency situations where casualties are unavoidable, don’t get caught off guard in these situations. The cost of repairing a yacht that is damaged in shipping is just too high of a risk to take. Let our experts help you ensure that your policy has all of the coverages that you need to ensure a peace of mind and security knowing that your prized possession will be covered in the event of an emergency.

You can Trust United Yacht with your Prized Possession

With a highly skilled and experienced yacht transportation management team, you can be sure that you can trust United Yacht with all of your yacht shipping needs. They are constantly striving to improve their services to keep them at the top of their game and ensure a first class experience for you. They are one of the most innovative and progressive yacht transportation carriers in the industry. For a no obligation boat shipping estimate, give them a call today. Their qualified staff is standing by to answer all of you questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve when considering these valuable services.