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The boating industry has gone through some pretty major changes in the past decade. With the advancement of different technologies, as well as social media, there have been many variables that have changed the market for good, including buying behavior and customer expectations. The next decade is going to see some major changes, and we’re here to predict what the future of yachting will be like thanks to our insider insight.

Multihulls May Become the Industry Standard

Multihulls are some of the longest-running vessels in history, though for some reason, they have been obscured by the yachting industry. We don’t often hear about owners with catamarans or trimarans. We believe that this won’t be the case for very long.

If we look at the evolution of other forms of transportation, such as the airplane, we can see the correlation. For example, many people believed that the jet engine wouldn’t last for long, as it was fuel-hungry and noisy when compared to the propeller engine. As we know now, the jet aircraft has far surpassed the propeller plane in terms of popularity. In essence, people like efficiency.

Multihulls are far more efficient compared to other types of yachts, which is why we can expect that they will find prominence in the future, especially as the new generation of yachters looks for a more eco-friendly way to travel.

Yachting Manufacturers Will Utilize 3D Printing

You’ve likely heard of 3D printing. People are using it to make food, furniture, housing, and much, much more. Greg Marshall, a famous naval architect, says that 3D printed yachts and superyachts will likely be in place by 2030. The major item on the to-do list is to scale them up from their current 3D-printed model designs.

Glass Integration Costs Will Decrease

We are beginning to see the glazing method become more and more popular in modern yacht designs. As this trend continues to move deeper into the 21st century, we can expect that the method of glazing will become far less expensive. As of now, large glass panels are very expensive, however, they are becoming more prominent in yacht manufacturing. We believe that the cost of glass will come down. Many boaters will want to take advantage of the fact that glass connects spaces, helping to build a link between the interior and exterior worlds. Because of this, we can expect to see a rise in glass popularity as well.

Superyachts Will Become Much Larger

As more and more yacht owners begin to seek out remote destinations in their yachts, the demand for yachts with more room onboard will grow. We can already see this trend in some of the latest explorer yachts. For many boaters, a yacht is like a playground for exploration. People want more toys, and the industry will have to budge to stay alive.

The Future Is Bright

We’re excited about the future of yachting. As technology continues to grow and trends continue to change rapidly, here at United Yacht Transport, we’re ready to take on the challenge of getting your future yacht wherever it needs to be. Happy boating!