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A lot of people will decide to ride with their yachts when using a professional yacht transportation company if you’re planning your next awesome yachting adventure, you might want to accompany your vessel during transport. Here’s what you need to know if you’re going to come along for the ride. 


What can you expect as a rider?

During the yacht transport, freshwater is usually provided, but there could be some restrictions. Restrictions are often contingent on consumption and tank levels. It’s also crucial for riders to understand the expectations around using hoses and hookups during the trip. 

For riders, it’s a good idea to get hooked up early. Once the deck is dry, use a ladder to get your supply and then discharge the hoses. Riders are typically only allowed to board their yacht with a ladder AFTER the yacht is secured. Passengers are also responsible for supplying their own hoses, and connections onboard the transport boat can vary from 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or 2.5 inches. 

For hookups and connections, riders will also want to bring along plenty of gray nylon hose fittings. The most commonly used are 1.5 and 2 inches, but there will be variations in size depending on the transport carrier size and type. It’s possible to thread a fitting into a discharge with Teflon tape. Sometimes riders can put in a hose barb. Hoses are available to riders in a range of sizes, but the length might be an issue and riders may need to join several tubes together. 

Riders should also expect to take a lot of clamps with them, and the bigger, the better. Cam locks and other quick disconnects are often unavailable. Occasionally, some riders will experience a broken hose or a hose that fails to connect. In this case, it’s a good idea to open a sea chest to the boat doesn’t get flooded. 


Is there power available?

Riders must remove their cord ends since no plug-ins are available. Cords can be cut to fit, so having a pigtail connection is a good idea. 


What about keeping things clean?

When accompanying their yacht, riders are responsible for washing the vessel. Some professional yacht transportation companies will have a few pressure washers available for riders to use. Also, most transport services require riders to separate their trash. 


Some other miscellaneous tips and advice riders should consider:

  • Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. The days can be hot and humid, with nights cold and chilly. It’s prudent to bring a sweater or jacket along for the ride. 
  • Satellite phones are available for a fee. Riders should save their receipts when the charges are collected in cash before the transport ship docks. 
  • A professional yacht transportation company does not allow anything to be discharged on the transport carrier deck. 
  • Long swells can occur, and riders should be ready to wash the salt down from the yacht at times. 


Riders should consider attending the orientation meeting on board the transport boat before leaving. This will enable riders to familiarize themselves with safety protocols and other procedures, and give them a chance to ask questions. If you’re planning to accompany your vessel with a professional yacht transportation service, keep these tips in mind for a smooth trip.