Cradles are necessary for yacht transportation to several destinations. This is especially true if your vessel or boat does not have a trailer. At United Yacht, we specialize in custom cradles that secure and safely handle your boats during their shipping journeys. These units are made of steel or wood, and can always be customized to meet your boat’s specifications and sizes. As your premier yacht transport company, we are committed to protecting all boats we ship to worldwide docks and marinas. Whether for boat shows, trade shows, or family sailing vacations – custom cradles can easily protect vessels of all types, brands and unit sizes.

The Benefits of Cradles

Like the name suggests, cradles are sturdy units that can secure boat shipping to and from global destinations. In fact, these units prevent boats from slipping and moving while en route to their port-of-calls. At United Yacht, we create study, durable custom cradles for all type of yacht shipping. These units are fastened with chains and links, which prevent boats from slipping and falling off carriers. Unless your boat has its own trailer, the only way to secure safe shipping is with custom cradles. We are proud to offer the following cradles for all types of vessels:

  • Luxury yacht shipping cradles.
  • Sailboat, speed boat, bulk volume canoe cradles.
  • Cutters, cruisers, small – medium – large boat cradles.
  • Power boat cradles and much more.

The United Yacht Guarantee

With years of extensive industry experience, United Yacht remains committed to excellence in all boat shipping services. However, if you are looking to export or import a vessel by ship – you will be required to place the unit on a shipping cradle. This meets all maritime shipping laws and requirements, as well as safety rules and precautions. We have a special cradle department that can help you with this process. Whether for expedited or normal shipping, your boat must be safe and secure during transportation. Similarly, it will have to sit on a well-built, sturdy and durable cradle that we can customize to your boat’s specifications.

While other boat shipping companies only care about the dollar value, we are genuinely committed to providing you with the best custom cradles and equipment. This also goes for our first-class customer services, which handles all aspects of your boat shipping from start to finish. This includes complimentary consultations, free estimates, insurance and all paperwork (port-of-call, dock, and marina registries) for the journey.

As part of our guarantee on all vessel shipping and services, we are proud to offer the following:

  • Customized cradles for small speedboats, power boats, and sailboats.
  • High-quality custom-built cradles made from wood, steel, and other sturdy components.
  • Cradles that are specifically tailored to fit your boat and needs.
  • All wood and steel cradles are tested in order to ensure maximum safety for vessels of all sizes.
  • We also specialize in a custom built trailer for boats, along with rolling cradles (dollies) for a wide array of boats.
  • Our professional customer service team will meet all your needs within time and budget.

Ship Your Boats Today

If you are ready to ship your boats today, go no further than United Yacht. We handle all the particulars for you – including boat shipping estimates, cost fees, and estimated departure and arrival times. From companies to personal clients, we are committed to providing the best experiences for all our new and recurring customers. This includes but is not limited to:

Ensuring all yachts, boats and vessels are registered with departing and arriving docks. All boats must pass pre-shipping inspections, as well as meet all docking, security and maritime laws.
All paperwork, payments, and insurance must be completed before any boats or luxury yachts are shipped. This includes handling all repairs and modifications, along with ensuring recipients or harbormasters are present to sign for incoming yachts and boats – of all sizes.
For more information, simply contact us today.