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Booking First Class Travel For Luxury Yachts

Just as movie stars and celebrities are able to book first-class travel to their destinations and enjoy a convenient, safe, and luxurious travel experience, so are luxury yachts – thanks to the rise of the international yacht transportation industry.

Exploring The Yacht Transportation Industry

When it comes to the most luxurious, multi-million dollar superyachts, only the best will do. While it is certainly possible for these yachts to travel through almost any oceanic conditions on their own power, this is not always the best way for them to travel.

Yacht Transportation Saves Owners’ Time, Money, And Headaches 

The concept of yacht transportation is simple. Rather than requiring an owner of a yacht to pay for a crew, supplies, maintenance, and fuel for a transoceanic voyage, a yacht transportation company can use a large cargo vessel to accomplish the same trip – often in a fraction of the time.

Traversing the dangerous open ocean waters can be tough for even the most seasoned yacht crews, and the trip often takes weeks – or even months. In contrast, the cargo freighters used to haul superyachts are nearly unsinkable, and can usually make the same trip in just a few weeks. 

So, rather than having a boat piloted through the ocean to its destination, more and more yacht owners are choosing the convenience of working with a yacht transportation company, such as United Yacht Transport. Thousands of vessels are now shipped every year using these companies – which first began doing business in the 1980s.

The most common route for most luxury yachts that are being transported is into the Caribbean and Mediterranean from North America and other locations worldwide, but today, it’s possible to charter yacht transportation to – and from – just about anywhere.

The cost of yacht transportation can vary widely based on the destination, the value size of the vessel, and more – but some transports trips can end up costing more than $200,000. 

While that may seem steep, the cost of piloting one of these vessels across the ocean under its own power can often be double that price or more – thanks to the costs of repairs, paying crew members, buying fuel, and supplying the crew with the necessary provisions.

Another benefit of using large cargo ships to haul luxury yachts is that it opens up more travel opportunities for yacht owners, who can explore more exotic waters in areas like India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Vietnam – which may be risky to travel to on a yacht, thanks to piracy and potentially-rough weather conditions. 

Yacht Transportation Helps The World’s Most Expensive Yachts Travel In Style

Thanks to modern yacht transportation companies like United Yacht Transport, it’s no longer necessary for megayachts and superyachts to traverse rough seas and spend months on trans-oceanic voyages.

These yachts can be loaded, shipped, and unloaded at any destination that a yacht owner, broker, or charter company wishes – and the process usually is much faster, cheaper, and more efficient, opening up new possibilities for yacht owners who wish to use these services.