Buying a yacht is not a cheap hobby so you should have a budget predetermined and should know how you will get that money. Once you have decided on a financial plan, what types of crafts fit in your price point? If possible, you want it powerful, reliable, and of a good name brand. Here are a few of the popular boats everyone is talking about.

Runabout boats, also called bowriders, are typically 18 to 26 feet in length, can seat up to 6-10 people, and have seats in the bow of the boat. They are the most popular recreational boat in the U.S. because they are easy to trailer from one body of water to another.
Towboats also called ski boats or wakeboard boats, are similar to runabout boats but are specifically designed to tow water skiers and wakeboarders.

While other boats can pull skiers and wakeboarders, no other type does these tasks quite as well as a towboat.
Fishing boats are growing in popularity again as folks want to go out on the water to get away. These boats work great for fishing on inland waters. They have a high enough freeboard and self-draining floors that enable them to venture out into the ocean, Great Lake, or the Gulf of Mexico.
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Let the UYTC be your boat transport

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we specialize in transporting yachts via carrier ships across the ocean. The carrier ships used in yacht transport can safely navigate bad weather without losing their way or accruing damage. This makes the voyage much safer than trying to do it on your own.

We have yacht transportation destinations that include the East and West Coasts of North America, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Asia, Costa Rica, Singapore, Hong Cong, Italy, Japan, Panama, Canada, the Caribbean, and Greece, and we can even arrange for a trip outside normal traveling times. With year-round sailings, we even offer full support to yachting events like the Americas Cup or the movie production industry.

Our custom destination division is happy to take you to a less traveled destination, too, such as the Maldives Islands, South Pacific Islands, and even Antarctica. We also have longstanding relationships with most lining companies so we have the purchasing power to get our clients the lowest shipping rates possible.

So what makes us the best boat transport company?

As leaders in the business, we are proud to be direct carriers who provide safe, reliable and cost-effective yacht shipping services to countless destinations worldwide. We have shipped more boats from the East to West coasts of North America than any other carrier. With one of the lowest boat shipping costs, we handle boats ranging in size from 30 feet up to 160 feet in length!

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