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Most probably, your yacht is your pride and joy. It fuels your passion for adventure and desire for freedom. You feel the most alive when you are at sea with the sun kissing your skin and the salty wind blowing through your hair.

While sailing a yacht can be an amazing experience, it’s not always possible to get to the destination you want with it. Whether it’s the distance or the logistics, there are moments when shipping the boat is the best decision.

But, if you want to sail the Mediterranean with your family this summer or attend a boat show in Dubai, there’s always the option of transporting your ship to the destination. But, should you do it by sea or by land?

Here are the main advantages of shipping yachts by sea:

1) The World Becomes Your Oyster

When you ship by land, you are limited by various factors, such as the road network, distance between destinations and the environment. This type of transport works great for local or national shipping, but if you want more than that, then this is not the option for you.

Shipping yachts by sea, on the other hand, opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can ship your boat from the Caribbean to the Med in only about two weeks.


2) It’s Safer

Sure, shipping yachts by the sea comes with a fair share of risks. For example, the salty water, strong wind and bad weather might damage the equipment on the boat. But, these risks can be mitigated effectively with the right gear. The risks of collisions, accidents, and damage are far greater on land versus the sea.


3) You Can Give Your Crew a Break

The captain is the only person who needs to be on the vessel when shipping a yacht by sea. You can take advantage of this period to give your crew a break or provide additional training in case you are planning on taking on new challenges.


4) It’s Better for the Environment

When you choose to ship by land, you contribute to the release of greenhouse gas emissions. Shipping yachts by sea is a more environmentally friendly alternative, one that is in line with most boater’s lifestyle and sense of social responsibility.


5) The Process Is More Straightforward 

Loading a yacht onto a trailer is a complicated task. One loose screw and you may be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in damage. This process gets significantly more straightforward when shipping by sea. With the float on / float off system, for example, the weight of the yacht isn’t even that important as the boat sails directly onto the deck.


Work with a Yacht-Transport Team You Can Trust

Before you hire anyone for transporting yacht from one destination to another, you need to ensure that the company in charge has the know-how and equipment to take on this job safely and efficiently.

Here at United Yacht Transport, we are up for the task. We are the largest yacht transporter in North America, so you can ensure that we always deliver on your promises.