Jul 17, 2019

loading yacht for transportation

Understanding The Yacht Transportation Industry


Why Superyachts Are Hopping Aboard Bigger Ships to Cross the Ocean

When you think of a superyacht, you may think of a giant, 100+ foot vessel that can spend all the time it needs to in the open water – and make transoceanic crossings with ease. And while it’s true that most large yachts are capable of traversing even the most difficult ocean conditions and reaching just about any destination in the world, it’s not always a great idea to do so.

Crossing the ocean in a yacht is a costly, and time-consuming proposition – and it can be quite difficult and dangerous in inclement weather conditions. So while most superyachts and megayachts are more than capable of handling the trip on their own, many owners are turning to a different option – the yacht transportation industry. 

Yacht Transportation Is A Faster, Cheaper, And More Efficient Way To Transport Superyachts

Yacht transportation is a specialized field and industry, which is dominated by just a few international companies, including United Yacht Transport, the largest yacht transportation company in North America.

The idea behind yacht transportation is simple – superyacht owners are looking to minimize costs and maximize efficiency when it comes to transporting their vessels. While their crews can handle long ocean journeys, doing so is quite expensive, and the costs of fuel, maintenance, and paying a crew can often be enormous.

Not only that, but the self-powered oceanic trips take a long time, subject the boat to more wear and tear, and leave a lot more room for problems – such as sudden engine trouble in the middle of the sea. 

For this reason, more yacht owners are turning to companies like United Yacht Transport, which moves hundreds of yachts per year. Using gigantic cargo freighters, United Yacht Transport and similar yacht transportation companies are able to move yachts more quickly, and cost-efficiently, compared to a crewed superyacht making a transoceanic voyage.

Loading A Superyacht Is No Easy Feat – Here’s How It Works

Depending on the size of the yacht, the process may differ somewhat. Most boats between 50-100 feet can be loaded onto a boat using a crane with a giant sling. The sling is placed under the yacht, which is hoisted out of the water, then carried above-deck on the freighter.

Once this process is complete, steel support columns are used to meet the yacht, forming a cradle that holds it in place. Then, they are welded to the deck for stability, and straps and chains are used to fasten the yacht in place during the trip.

Yacht Transportation Is A Growing Industry Worldwide 

Yacht owners who need to move their vessels quickly – for boat shows, vacations, to sell them to another person, or for any other reason – are increasingly turning to yacht transportation companies that can do the job quickly, efficiently, and for a lower cost than a crewed trip across the ocean. And as the boating and yachting industry grows, so will the yacht transportation industry, and companies like United Yacht Transport.