Feb 20, 2019

Lorah loaded

5 Top Tips For Transporting Your Yacht


Enjoy Stress-Free Boat Shipping

Attending a boat show, or taking a trip around the world? At some point in their lifetime, a boat or yacht owner will want to ship their precious vessel somewhere. Yacht shipping and boat transport can be stressful the first time, even with a professional, record-breaking shipper like United Yacht Transport.

Because we want you to be happy and stress-free, we’ve compiled some top tips for a smooth shipping experience. Read on, and set your mind at ease!


1. Be Prepared For Shipping

United Yacht Transport ensures safe and professional boat shipping and yacht transport, but you don’t want to arrive at any of the events for boat owners with any internal damage to your belongings. Thus, it’s important to take some precautions before loading.

Sealing drawers that tend to open, removing the mast, and ensuring your personal belongings are either removed or properly secured are a few of the steps you can take to keep your boat or yacht in top shape. We’re always available to help you with the process.


2. Understand the Details 

A professional transportation service is staffed with top-notch talent. United Yacht Transport prides itself on employing the most knowledgeable team worldwide. We’ll go out of our way to make sure you have every opportunity to ask questions about how we’ll handle your boat, but we can’t answer unasked questions!

If something pops up at any stage of the process, be sure to let us know. Whether it’s a technical detail about insurance and liability, or simply the best way to prepare your boat or yacht for shipping, please ask! The more you know, the less stressed out you’ll be!


3. Keep an Open Line of Communication

Countless testimonials demonstrate our commitment to the absolute best in boat shipping, whether locally or worldwide. Our professional team always prioritizes you and your boat. But sometimes, things happen in your personal life that may change your needs or make you unavailable. At the first sign that you’ll need to change your plans or need additional assistance, contact United Yacht Transport.


4. Be Ready For Your Loading Day

United Yacht Transport will provide direct communication with all the necessary details about your loading day. You will receive this information in advance, so if you don’t understand any aspect of it, it’s important to ask ahead of time. This is also a great moment to ask any last-minute questions about how to prepare your boat. Be sure to allot yourself plenty of time to be available.


5. Relax With the Best and Largest Boat and Yacht Shipping Company

You can eliminate a lot of stress by choosing a professional service. With cutting-edge technology, a global team of highly-knowledgeable experts, and record-breaking yacht transport history, United Yacht Transport is in a class of its own. Request a free quote and let us know any concerns you have about the process. Rest assured, we will put your mind at ease!