Oct 11, 2016

luxury boat transport

It’s Time To Start Thinking About What To Do With Your Yacht In the Cold Seasons 

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United-Yacht is a global leader in timely and affordable boat shipping services. From large luxury yachts and high-volume vessels to cutters and even cruisers, we ship all types of boats to all worldwide marinas and docks. Similarly, we transport luxury yachts for family vacations and sailing trips, along with corporate charter fishing and especially boat shows and exhibitions. With a full fleet of carriers and industry-leading boat captains, we ensure timely and safe transportation to and from all desired locations.

However, what should you do during those icy and frigid winter months? Can you still ship boats despite inclement weather and choppy water conditions? The answer is yes – but United-Yacht takes all pre-shipping preparations, maintenance, and precautions very seriously. After all, we are not only shipping boats, but also carrying our dedicated crew and team members as well. With this in mind, we urge you to contact us to discuss your boat shipping needs, which allow us to deliver our current daily-weekly-monthly shipping schedules. Similarly, we will let you know if we can ship your boats during the off-season based on current water traffic, maritime laws, and especially the weather and conditions.

Cold Season Yacht Shipping

United Yacht has the tools and expertise to ship your yachts – even during the cold season. While this is the off-season in the boat shipping industry, many families head for warmer climates during the holidays. This includes family trips to the Caribbean, which is a great area for charter fishing and sailing. As a result, we can ship your boats from colder to warmer climates – and within time and budget. However, we will discuss all the metrics and particulars involved with off-season shipping. This includes port-of-call registries, along with insurance, fees, and ensuring a safe and smooth transport to and from your desired locations.

We also offer precise boat shipping estimates for individual clients and companies. This is important in meeting your shipping needs across the board. Similarly, we inspect all boat pre-shipping, which allow us to perform light repairs and modifications. This guarantees slip and shuffle-free shipping while en route to all destinations. If you are planning a family or business trip this winter, United-Yacht is the one to call if you need boat shipping of any type.

Why Choose United Yacht?

United Yacht has a stellar reputation in the ship transport industry. With years of extensive shipping experience, we handle all types of large volume transports for globally-renowned and seasoned companies. However, we also stay on the grassroots level with deep ties in the communities we serve. This means we can ship even one boat if needed for family vacations, corporate charters or even boat sales and trades. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a consultation and receive a free boat shipping quote and estimate. This can help you plan your vacations or business trips accordingly, and our highly-dedicated team is here to work with you every step of the way. With year-round shipping, we are able to safely transport your vessels even during the winter season. However, if you need to safely store your boat until the warmer months, we can help you with timely advice and suggestions as well.

Professional Boat Shipping Year Round

At United-Yacht.com, we truly go above and beyond the call of duty to facilitate all your boat shipping needs. This is why our client and customer base continues to grow, and we even shipped over 300 boats last year. This makes us a true leader in yacht and vessel transports year round. While it is harder to ship boats during the colder off-season, we have the experience, knowledge and unparalleled skills to get the job done right. No vessel shipping job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured across the board.

For more information on yacht transport services, simply contact or visit United-Yacht today.