Oct 8, 2016

Hosting A Profitable Haunted House Attraction On Your Yacht

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Halloween is only around the corner, and there’s plenty of people who love a good scare. Old and young alike love haunted houses, so now’s the time to get in on this trend and host your very own. How would you host a profitable haunted house on your yacht? Read on to find out more.

Pick Your Location

As you’re using your boat to host your haunted house, you have more choice than most as to where you keep it. Pick a port that’s easy to get to, and that can easily hold extra visitors as they come to see your haunted house. You’ll also want to talk to whoever owns the port. Make sure you have clearance to bring extra people into the area and to run this business even though it is only for a short time.

If your destination is a fair distance from where your boat is now, you may want to consider boat shipping to get it there. This is will reduce any wear on your boat and get it there quickly.

Choose A Theme

Now you’re in place, you’re going to need to pick a theme for your haunted house. When you look online, you’ll see all kinds of imaginative themes for houses. Some can be haunted hotels, asylums, prisons, or more. You can do whatever you’d like with your house.

As you’re hosting it on your boat, a good idea is to go with a pirate or general maritime theme. A good example is the Queen Mary in California. This permanently moored boat is rumored to be haunted, and every Halloween they host maritime themed haunted attractions.

Who’s Your Audience?

Next, you need to think about your audience. How intense is your haunted attraction going to be? Many modern attractions are very intense, and they advertise themselves as being too scary for children. If you’re looking to go all out and offer an intense or particularly gory house, you may need to put an age limit on your attraction.

You can have equal success with a children’s scare maze, on the other hand. The scares will be less intense, and you may want to dial up the humor. Kids will, love it though, and it will make it accessible to all.

Find Your Actors

Any good haunted house needs hosts and actors to ramp up the scares. If you’ve ever been through a professional haunted house, you’ll have seen actors jumping out at you from hidden spaces, looking to make you scream. A good host at the beginning of the attraction will help set the scene and put your customers on edge, ready to be scared.

A good tip is to plant actors in the line for your attraction. Dress them as ordinary patrons, and have them enter as customers. Having other actors ‘drag’ them off is a fantastic way to frighten guests!

Decorate Your Ship

Now you’ve got everything set up, you’re going to need to decorate your ship ready to frighten guests. The exact decorations you use will depend on your theme. If you’ve gone with a pirate theme, you can use discarded trunks, old ship’s wheels, and other old boat props to make the boat feel like a pirate ship. Don’t forget the Jolly Roger flag.

If you’ve gone for a maritime theme, then you can try using old, rusty pieces of equipment to give the ship the feel of abandonment. You can use decorative seaweed to drape over things too, which is great for hiding actors who want to jump out.

Again, the internet will have all kinds of ideas for you. Start looking around to see what you can do to make your ship the scariest destination around.

Have Fun

The most important thing to do with your haunted boat attraction is to have fun with it. Once you’ve used yacht shipping to get to the right destination and hired all your actors, you’re ready to get to scaring guests silly.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to have the best haunted attraction in your area. People will be talking all year about the scares they received at your maze!