Oct 6, 2016

Yacht Transportation – Three Places you Might Want to Go

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With the holiday season, right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your holiday trips. It’s also not a bad idea to start planning for next summer as well. Travel all around the world in style with the best yacht transport company in the business. From Canada to Costa Rica or Florida to Hong Kong, there’s really not a destination that can’t be reached. We can get you to the hottest vacation destinations on time and in style. Don’t let a silly thing like logistics keep your summer or holiday plans from happening. If you aren’t sure where to go, might we suggest a few different destinations? These three places are going to have you wanting to come back year after year.

Hong Kong

Not always the first destination when it comes to thinking of boating ports. However, Hong Kong is where the East meets the West in a beautiful union of culture and style. Hong Kong has a different political system than the mainland of China. It is a wonderful city that is considered the fifth most important city in the world. It is a leader in International financial centers and a major capitalist service economy, which is characterized by low taxation and free trade. Some of the most popular and must-see attractions in Hong Kong are the Avenue of the Stars, The Peak, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Temple Street Night Market, the Clock Tower, and so many others. Its rich and vibrant culture makes it a frequented destination. Clients’ yachts are carefully supported in the port with industrial strength straps. Yacht transport is one of the most important parts of service we provide to exotic destinations like Hong Kong.

Port of Vancouver, Canada

Another hot spot, Vancouver, Canada, has been listed as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. It is a rich and vibrant city with a unique art culture. Known for its prominent theaters which include the Arts Club Theatre Company, Touchstone Theater, and Studio 58. There is also the Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs in September, and is considered one of the largest film festivals in North America. You will love the coastal seaport and numerous attractions, as well as numerous links to other cities. We have been transporting yachts to Vancouver, Canada for over 10 years now. It’s a wildly popular and world-renowned destination.

Port of Ensenada, Mexico

Mexico is always a top destination for travel. This port is located in Ensenada, Baja California and is the second busiest port, as well as the second most visited port-of-call for cruise lines and yacht transportation visits in Mexico. Located just 78 miles south of San Diego, California, the city of Ensenada is often referred to as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.” A popular yacht transport destination thanks to its numerous links to various and other popular Mexico destinations.

The city of Ensenada represents the cultural dynamic between the unique Mexican heritage and the juxtaposition of a modern day city. Popular activities are, of course, water sports. The city offers some of the best water skiing, kiteboarding, yachting (naturally, of course), windsurfing, swimming, parasailing, and other activities for all ages. Jump off the boat and hit the small mountain ranges for a lovely day hike if that suits your fancy. Enjoy the warm, Mediterranean like breeze all year round. This destination is perfect for a quick getaway or a long stay.

If you’re planning your next boating adventure, call us or go online to get a free boat shipping estimate. Our shipping costs ensure that your vessel arrives on time and without any damage. Traveling is so much easier when you travel with us. No matter what coast or continent your vessel is located at, you can be sure that we can handle the job. From arranging a pick up to the drop off point, we always have everything under control and handled in the most professional manner. Stop waiting for the last minute to plan your next great trip. Start planning today and start planning your trip with us.