May 16, 2014

Port of Genoa, Italy


The port of Genoa is an important and large Italian seaport on the Mediterranean Sea. The port of Genoa is the busiest port in Italy by cargo and the second busiest in terms of large shipping vessels over twenty feet. The port of Genoa is favored as a strategic geographic location in industry and commerce of northern Italy and southern Europe. The port of Genoa stretches 22 miles and has increased traffic because of its focal point between other destinations. More than 150 line services link Genoa to major ports throughout the world.

The City of Genoa, is the capital of Liguria and the sixth largest city in Italy. It is located in the southern corner of the Milan-Turin-Genoa Industrial triangle of north-west Italy, and is one of the country’s major economic centres. Some popular attractions within Genoa, are the Ippolito National Ligurian Museum, the Natal house of Cristforo Colombo, Boccadasse, Spianata Castelletto and the Cathedral Museum. Among the various destinations, port lines and attractions from Genoa are Barcelona Spain, Valletta Malta, Bastia Corsicia, and Palermo Sicily.

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