United Yacht Transport is a yacht transport & boat shipping company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. United Yacht Transport specializes exclusively in the transportation of yachts to any worldwide destination. Through our highly skilled and experienced yacht transportation management team, both on shore and aboard our ships, we are dedicated to providing our clients with safe, efficient, and reliable boat shipping / yacht shipping solutions. We are one of the most progressive and innovative in the yacht transportation industry. Our team constantly strives to exceed expectations with customized yacht transport logistics and solutions. Speak to one of our experienced staff for your boat shipping cost estimate or yacht shipping needs.




“United Yacht Transport personnel, team, effort, patience, and faith in us was exceptional, deeply appreciated and will not be forgotten, thank you.”

Gardner Robinson


The Advantages of Yacht Transport

Whenever contemplating whether to put a sportboat on a transport ship, I ask myself, Would a true seaman put their ­vessel on a ship? There’s a certain feeling you might get when considering the option, similar to a sense of discomfort, as if it undermines the boat’s ability to make the journey on its own bottom. But there is also that feeling of accomplishment you get when you have finally reached that faraway destination that’s hard to beat, and there’s also something to be said about the adventurous feelings you get by traveling in general—a certain sense of excitement. Yea or Nay? […]

Counting Down to the 2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show

Whether you are a novice, a seasoned boater or somewhere in between, we can guarantee that attending a boat show will be an educational and fulfilling experience. And, we have just the event for you: the 2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show, taking place March 26 – 29. As one of the top five boats shows in the country, you can expect to see hundreds of yachts and superyachts, live demonstrations, the latest in marine technology, as well as plenty of educational and fun activities. You will also get the chance to listen to some of the leaders in the […]

Here’s How Mega Yachts Are Being Transported to the 2020 Miami Yacht Show

So, you’ve decided that you want to attend the 2020 Miami Yacht Show. That’s great as this edition is sure to be a fantastic one. Just note that this year, the show will take place in a different location, just north of downtown Miami along Biscayne Bay near the Adrienne ArshtCenter for the Performing Arts, Art Wynwood. Now, the question you may be asking yourself is: how do you transport your mega yacht there. Shipping it by land isn’t really an option and sailing there might not be feasible either. So, what do you do? How do you ship your […]

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