United Yacht Transport – Ships 650mts Mega-Yacht


United Yacht Transport Adding Sailings to Meet Increase in Peak Season Demand – FORT LAUDERDALE, FL., 07/07/2017.

United Yacht TransportUnited Yacht Transport, the North American leader in boat transport and shipping, is adding additional sailings to meet the unexpected increase in peak season demand in North America and the Mediterranean.

United Yacht Transport is continuing to expand their position as the largest yacht carrier in North America and rapidly growing position in the Mediterranean. This is due to its repeated success in heavy lift and complex loadings.  This month, UYT will be transporting a mega-yacht to the Mediterranean weighing over 650mts.  This is the heaviest yacht any carrier has deck loaded in years.

According to Paul Haber, the President of United Yacht Transport, “2016 was a record year for United and our momentum is continuing into 2017.  All of our peak season sailings so far were chock-a-block and we are adding more sailings. We are pleased that yacht brokers, yacht builders, and captains are continuing to refer their clients to UYT as we have become known for reliable year-round sailings, competitive pricing, and customized logistics.”

United Yacht Transport has transported more eastbound and westbound yachts in the past three years than any other carrier. Additional sailings for May are being added in order to accommodate this peak season demand.

United Yacht Transport is the premier worldwide yacht transporter that offers cost effective yacht transport and boat shipping services. United Yacht Transport ships worldwide to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean. As the North American leader in yacht transportation, United Yacht Transport prides itself on reliability, safe transport, and unparalleled customer service.

Triton Networking with United Yacht Transport


Join us for Triton Networkingon the third Wednesday in June in Fort Lauderdale with United Yacht Transport. All captains, crew and industry professionals are welcome to join us from 6-8 p.m. on June 21 — the first day of summer — to catch up with friends and make some new ones.

Until then, learn a little more about UYT from its VP Vadim Yegudkin.

Tell us about United Yacht Transport. What do you do?

UYT VP Vadim Yegudkin

United Yacht Transport started in 2012 and has a combined 30 years in yacht transport experience. Paul Haber is president and I am vice president. We specialize in North America and Mediterranean. Our routes touch Fort Lauderdale, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, British Columbia, Singapore, Hong Kong, St. Thomas (USVI), Spain, Italy and Greece, however there are more, based on demand.

Some transport companies charter ships, others have their own ships. How does UYT work?

We charter full ships. This method allows for much more frequent sailing as we are not limited to any number of ships or crane size. The ability to charter any ship anywhere in the world gives our customers a much more reliable and regular sailing schedule.

There are several companies that provide this sort of service. What makes you different?

United is a carrier with its own cradling equipment and lifting gear, and the highest safety rating in the industry. Our loadmasters are the top in the world. We also provide the best insurance policy in the business.

You had an interesting loading last month in Fort Lauderdale. Tell us about it.

We loaded several large yachts on the M/V Industrial Guide, including the loading of the 151-foot Leopard under deck. This is an example of our ability to charter full ships. This is important, because this means that the only cargo on the ship is yachts. It also gives us full control of the ship and stow plan. Our operations team is then able to fill the belly of the ship with yachts as tall as 40 feet and put taller yachts and sailboats on deck. Bigger loads means lower costs, and we always pass along these savings to the customers. Economy of scales.

The biggest yacht we loaded on the Industrial Guide was the 174-foot, 650-ton expedition yacht M/Y Ulucitcan. This was verified as the heaviest yacht to be lifted by any company in over five years. Great job by our top notch loading team.

All in all, the Industrial Guide will take over $250 million and 4,000 square meters of yachts to the Med.

What advice do you give captains and crew before they deliver their yacht to UYT?

Follow our preparation guide, which is available on our new website launching this month, and check your emails every day for the latest updates on loading and discharge times.

Are delivery schedules established or do they fluctuate from year to year?

This is a good question. There are sailings based on season, boat shows and some that are based on demand. For example, there are always sailings from the Med and West Coast in time for the Fort Lauderdale boat show the fall. There are always seasonal sailings to the Pacific Northwest and Mediterranean in March, April and May, and return voyages in September, October and November.

I always suggest to the captain or whomever deals with the transport (sometimes the chief engineer) to call me in advance and secure the space as soon as the owners have made their decision.

Triton Networking always brings the best crowds, and we are looking forward to seeing all our friends and meeting new people.

We will gather at The Triton office at 1043 SE 17th St. (33316).

For more information about United Yacht Transport, visit, contact the company at +1 954-383-4448 or, stop by the office at 2830 Marina Mile Blvd., Suite 118, in Fort Lauderdale (33312), or join us at Triton Networking on the third Wednesday in June from 6-8 p.m. for casual and professional networking.

Newcastle Marine explorer yacht Ulucitcan heads to Europe


The in-build 54 metre Newcastle Marine explorer yacht Ulucitcan (ex-Chuggaboom) has been pictured leaving Florida, bound for Genoa.

The first details of this project were revealed in 2011, but construction was put on hold when Newcastle Marine ran into financial difficulties. However, these new images suggest that a new European build partner has been found to complete the job.

Shipping firm United Yacht Transport described the 650-tonne Ulucitcan as “the heaviest yacht any carrier has deck-loaded in years”.

This four-deck explorer yacht was developed in collaboration with Dutch naval architecture firm Vripack, while British studio Winch has designed an interior that has been described as “luxurious and well-balanced”, as well as the exterior deck spaces.

Speaking back in 2012, Marnix Hoekstra from Vripack described the design as “a man’s boat – chunky, rigid and really able to withstand the elements”.

The superstructure was designed around the owner’s tastes, Hoekstra added: “Typically we’d have the superyacht wheelhouse two steps elevated, compared to the top deck. This time the owner refused it, because he wanted a container shape, so very flat topped.”

Another unusual feature of this explorer yacht is the workshop and storage space for five or six motorbikes on the main deck, which opens onto the boat deck. This would allow for easy loading and unloading — ideal for on-shore exploration.

Built from a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, Ulucitcan features a twin-screw diesel propulsion system that should allow for efficient long-range cruising at 12 knots.


UYT loads in Everglades


May 18 – United Yacht Transport (UYT) has loaded 19 yachts on board Intermarine’s heavy lift vessel Industrial Guide in Port Everglades, USA. – News Desk

Thursday 18 May 2017

The 174 ft (53 m) Expedition yacht, named Ulucitcan, was the heaviest vessel to be loaded, weighing 650 tonnes.

The 19 yachts, which included a 151 ft (46 m) Leopard and a 130 ft (39.6 m) Mangusta, were loaded above and below deck, filling the entire ship with over USD200 million worth of yachts, says UYT.

Paul Haber, UYT president, explained:  “The most challenging part was the extensive logistics and pre-planning that needed to be done well in advance of the ship arriving in Port Everglades.

UYT loads in Everglades

Our operations team designed a customised lifting plan to not only load the 174 ft (53 m) Expedition, but to also load it in such a way to allow for the other boats to be loaded on deck and in the hold.”

The yachts were loaded utilising the ship’s 700-tonne capacity cranes and will be transported to Genoa in Italy.   SOURCE: HLPFI

Yacht transport is big business at Port Everglades


As the captain of a 130-foot yacht, Christopher Campbell usually spends his time at the steering wheel.

But one day last week, he walked the deck of a massive freighter at Port Everglades, waiting for his boss’ yacht to be lifted out of the water and fastened down for a long-distance voyage as cargo.

The boat was one of 27 carefully loaded on top of the nearly 525-foot-long Tong An Cheng freighter for shipment from Fort Lauderdale to the west coast of the U.S. and to Canada.

The price tag for the shipment to Vancouver: About $180,000.

Yacht transport is big business in Fort Lauderdale, an area dubbed the yachting capital of the world. Hundreds of the sleek boats are shipped in and out of Port Everglades yearly on hulking freighters.

Some yachts are shipped in for the area’s international boat shows, where they are displayed for sale and charter. Others come for repair and maintenance between summers in Europe and winters in the Caribbean. And some head out for delivery to owners who bought the boats in South Florida, the country’s leading market for yacht sales.

The business is so big that former New York investment banker Paul Haber set up a company in 2013 in Fort Lauderdale to specialize in just one niche: transport around North America.

Haber said his business, United Yacht Transport, moved about 300 yachts last year and expects to handle even more deliveries this year. The shipment of 27 yachts was his biggest, he said.

But why piggyback yachts on a freighter when they could sail on their own?

Operating yachts across long distances costs a lot more, Campbell said. “To run this yacht from here to Vancouver — with fuel, maintenance, repairs and crew — you’d be talking well over half-a-million dollars,” Campbell said. Fuel alone could cost more than $200,000.

Running a yacht full-out for weeks also causes added wear and tear. And self-powered trips take longer and leave more room for problems.

“Nothing ever goes smoothly” on a long yacht trip, the 32-year-old engineer said. “It’s a floating city.”

The crew also would be spent, running the yacht hard for more than three weeks to Vancouver, sometimes in rough seas.

“Heading up the West Coast is very difficult. There’s no shelter. You’re in open water. It’s pretty miserable, to be honest,” Campbell said.

Loading a yacht onto a freighter for a voyage like that is no small job.

Haber’s company uses a huge crane with an arm carrying a giant sling. The sling is placed under the yacht, and the crane hoists the yacht out of the water and carries it above the deck of the freighter.

Steel columns then are adjusted upward from the deck to meet the yacht, their wooden tops forming a cradle to hold the yacht in place. The columns next are welded into the decks to keep the yacht stable. And giant straps then are pulled over the boat to fasten it down, sometimes with chains attached for extra security.

The process takes time. Campbell expected that loading his yacht would take about 24 hours, with crews working around-the-clock welding down the steel columns onto the deck.

Haber’s company mainly transports yachts in the 50- to 80-foot range, with perhaps 30 percent of his business for yachts 100 feet or longer. His biggest shipment to date is a 151-footer.

Yachts much bigger than that are tough to lift in a sling and often are loaded onto semi-submersible freighters instead.

The world’s biggest yacht transporter, Sevenstar Yacht Transport in the Netherlands, owns some of those submersibles. It hauls lots of yachts between Europe and the Americas, the largest segment of the transport market, Haber said.

Haber said he chose to focus on the less-contested North American market. His company doesn’t own freighters and rents deck space when needed. He aims to be the “low-cost” provider for yacht transport, so he can fill up the deck and leave no space empty.

Most of his company’s deliveries are headed west from Port Everglades, like the 130-foot Oceanfast yacht that Campbell’s boss bought in Fort Lauderdale and was sending to his home in Vancouver.

“Yachts in Fort Lauderdale happen to be about 25 percent cheaper than a similar boat in Seattle, because you have more boats here,” Haber said. That leaves opportunity to transport the yachts as cargo to the Pacific Coast.



Transporting Your Yacht Around the World.


Yacht Shipping with the Leader in North America.


United-Yacht-Transport-Hong-Kong-China-60-1381170441United Yacht Transport, the North American leader in boat transport, has just finished loading another chock-a-block westbound sailing on the massive M/V Huanghai Glory in Port Everglades. Some of the boats transported were the 96′ Skipperliner, 83′ Bennetti, 82′ Montefino, 82′ Pershing, 76′ Rayburn and the brand new 70′ Ocean Alexander. The Huanghai Glory is just one of the many cargo ships that our company uses to transport yachts to its destination. From Canada to the port of Hong Kong, we can get your yacht from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S. or across the world. The westbound M/V Huanghai Glory, in addition to every other westbound sailing this year, has been completely full, including the underdeck space. The record-size sailing is making stops in Port Everglades, St. Thomas, Cristobal, Manzanillo, Ensenada, Victoria, and Busan. “We are the most reliable carrier in North America and, in 2016, have transported more boats and run more sailings than all of other carriers combined. Our combination of reliable sailings, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, unmatched safety record and customizable logistics, make us a one stop shop for captains, brokers and owners looking to transport their boats. read more →

Best Spots to Sail in Southern France

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Southern France, with its magnificent beauty, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many reasons why Southern France attracts travelers from all over the world: a city of love and adventure, museums, cathedrals or the dazzling bodies of water. Choosing where to go sailing in Southern France often depends on your sailing experience and what kind of spot you are looking for.

There is nothing like the calm waters of the Mediterranean in the south that are great for experienced or beginner sailors who are looking to relax and discover the glamorous waters. It may be difficult to decide where to go sailing in Southern France. To help you decide where to spend your next boat vacation or holiday sailing in Southern France, check out these beautiful sailing destinations in Europe.

You can sail off the coastline stopping off at the best spots in Southern France. So charter your huge yacht transport and sail off into the gorgeous bodies of water for adventure, exploring and relaxation. Sail away to the alluring coastal spots that Southern France has to offer for an experienced sailor.

Sailing in France: Where to start?

Southern France offers almost every opportunity available on water: sailing is one of those extraordinary opportunities. There is more to sailing in Southern France than cruising the French Riviera. If your idea of a perfect spot includes gentle cool breeze while seeing the visuals of the sparkling blue sea as your boat transport sailing the regions of France.

Enjoy the splendid beauty of the different part of the French coast by visiting Brittany, with its dazzling sailing waters and beautiful offshore islands, its small quiet towns and large cities that dot the mainland coast. With that in mind, consider the south coast of Brittany for your next boat or yacht transportation charter. You won’t be disappointed. Explore the gorgeous coast as you sail from one marvelous but chic city to the next.

Sail the beautiful cost in Brittany

Take your beautiful yacht or boat exploring the waters in the Bay of Biscay, the south Brittany coast offering the best European sailing season north of the Mediterranean. Sailing in Brittany is a great place to sail in season, with lots of on-shore attractions to explore and enjoy.

South to île d’Yeu

The sailing grounds out of La Trinité-Sur-Mer as far as Belle-île present an amazing sailing experience.about all, you can cover on a one-week charter. If you are planning to yacht shipping to sail on the open water then île d’Yeu is the spot for you. Ile d’Yeu is a magnificent destination in itself.

The Finistère Coast of Sailing

Another popular Brittany sailing charter destination is île le de Sein. You’ll have so much to see up there, but with some gorgeous but famously-tricky waters to navigate through for boat shipping, especially around île de Sein.

If you love exploring and up for an adventure you’re likely to consider a journey that far northwest from La Trinité-Sur-Mer a bit ambitious. Any sailing expedition along Brittany’s southern coast should also include the îles de Glenan, a convenient half-day sail westwards from île de Groix and a good spot from which to see a bit more of the mainland.

Bormes-Les-Mimosas go-to spot

Another great spot for sailing is Bormes-Les-Mimosas, a beautiful Provencal village with the splendid natural scenery. This is a wonderful spot that is known for its full beauty for its forested mountains and extensive beaches that allow a wide range of watersports, but for its history as well. We guarantee that this is the spot for your sailing needs because it is surrounded by astonishing fortresses such as the historical fort de Brégançon, which has been the holiday home of the president of the French Republic since 1968. So now you know the best spot to go if you feel like starting off your sailing trip to the Côte d’Azur from a destination that meets the high standards of a president.

In case we didn’t name all the best spots to sail in Southern France with our available shipping boats, you can explore many sailing destinations in Southern France. The beautiful Southern France sailing spots of Brittany, Bay of Biscay, île d’Yeu, île le de Sein and Bormes-Les-Mimosas.


Join United Yacht Transport at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.


Join United Yacht Transport at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

FLIBSIt’s back! The 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is here again. This spectacular event comes to the “Yachting Capital of the World” every year and along with it, magnificent boats and yachts will be on display. With more than 1,000 exhibitors, there is absolutely something for everyone. United Yacht Transport is also pleased to announce a record Mediterranean Fort Lauderdale Boat Show (“FLIBS”) sailing for our company. We filled the entire M/V Clipper New York,including the under deck, from the Mediterranean to Port Everglades just in time for display at this grand event! The largest boats on the Mediterranean sailing were the 124-foot San Lorenzo, 121-foot Couach, 110-foot Fittipaldi, 105-foot Monte Carlo and 92-foot Sunseeker. Several of these boats will be on display during FLIBS. “We are pleased to have another chock-a-block sailing from the Mediterrean”, said Paul Haber, President of United Yacht Transport.
The 57th annual Boat Show started on Thursday, November 3rd and will run through Monday, November 7th. This event is the largest in -water boat show in the world and it is expected that around 130,000 people will attend. This grand affair will cover seven locations with just about 1,500 boats on display. Locations include Bahia Mar, Swimming Hall of Fame, the Las Olas Marina, and the Ft. Lauderdale convention center. You won’t only see gorgeous yachts for sale, but also personal submarines, helicopters, sailboats, and luxury cars. There is a special toy for any high roller out there looking to have some fun, and United Yachts boat transport is excited to be a part of all the action! read more →

Three Winter Destinations for Yacht Transport

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The tropical climates make great winter destinations. The winter months of December through February are the perfect time for yachts to head to warmer climates. Whether you decide to hire a yacht transport company or set out on the voyage yourself there are three destination sights you need to see.

There is nothing like seeing the world and all of its magnificent beauty. There are many reasons why sailors travel from many destinations from all over the world. Choosing where to go during the winter months often depends on the weather and what kind of spot you are looking for.

There is nothing like the calm waters of the Mediterranean or discovering the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean. It may be difficult to decide where to go. To help you decide where to spend your next boat vacation or holiday sailing in winter destination, check out these beautiful destinations from around the world.

Sailing in the Caribbean

The islands of the Caribbean are undoubtedly the most popular cruising destination in the world, and this makes them an excellent yacht transportation location. This is particularly true of the Eastern Caribbean, an area which attracts a large number of cruising yachts. The popularity of the Eastern Caribbean should come as no surprise.

Its winter weather is mostly mild, its trade winds are reliable and its facilities are being continually-improved.

The Caribbean sailing season lasts from the end of November until June, by which time the prudent sailor should be on his or her way to a hurricane-free area. The weather during winter, particularly from Christmas until the end of April, is very good with steady easterly winds and not much rain.

Usually, winds are NE at the beginning of winter and become SE with the approach of summer. The hurricane season lasts from June through November, the most dangerous period being from the middle of August until the end of September.

The Caribbean is an excellent place to plan your next vacation, and United Yacht Transport would love to help. We are dedicated to providing our clients with safe, efficient, and reliable boat shipping/yacht shipping solutions. We are one of the most progressive and innovative in the yacht transportation industry. Our team constantly strives to exceed expectations with customized yacht transport logistics and solutions. Speak to one of our experienced staff for your boat shipping cost estimate or yacht shipping needs.

Sea of Cortez: Experience its remarkable beauty

The Sea of Cortez is a fabulous charter destination for many reasons because it is an amazing spot for sailing and marine mammal watching. The sea of Cortez is relatively unknown as a charter destination, so you won’t find yourself crowded in by other boat transport.

The winter month of December can be a really windy, but the months of January to April offer the perfect mix of temperature, weather, and wildlife. Pick a date during the months of November to June for beautiful weather and optimal sailing conditions.

Sailing in France: Where to start?

Southern France offers almost every opportunity available on water: sailing is one of those extraordinary opportunities. There is more to sailing in Southern France than cruising the French Riviera. If your idea of a perfect destination includes gentle cool breeze while seeing the visuals of the sparkling blue sea as your yacht shipping sailing the regions of France.

Enjoy the splendid beauty of the different part of the French coast by visiting Brittany, with its dazzling sailing waters and beautiful offshore islands, its small quiet towns and large cities that dot the mainland coast. With that in mind, consider the south coast of Brittany for your next shipping boats charter. You won’t be disappointed. Explore the gorgeous coast as you sail from one marvelous but chic city to the next.

See the gorgeous destination of The Finistère Coast

Another popular Brittany sailing charter destination is île le de Sein. You’ll have so much to see up there, but with some gorgeous but famously-tricky waters to navigate through for boat transport cost, especially around île de Sein.

If you love exploring and up for an adventure you’re likely to consider a journey that far northwest from La Trinité-sur-Mer a bit ambitious. Any sailing expedition along Brittany’s southern coast should also include the îles de Glenan, a convenient half-day sail westwards from île de Groix and a good spot from which to see a bit more of the mainland.

United Yacht Transport is a yacht transport & boat shipping company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. United Yacht Transport specializes exclusively in the transportation of yachts to any worldwide destination.


How to Avoid Common Mistakes when Shipping Your Yacht

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As a yacht owner, you enjoy the luxury of being on the open waters in your own time and at your own pace, enjoying the natural beauty all around you. It is truly an exhilarating feeling to have this kind of freedom that comes only with having your own boat. Now, you may wish to visit far away destinations and sailing your yacht by yourself may not always be a good idea. So what do you do? Hire a yacht transport company, of course! Even though transporting your boat may seem easy, there may be pitfalls that must be avoided. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when shipping your yacht.

  • Get references and check them. Rather than going with an unknown transport company that you may never have used before, it is best to get and check references from owners of boats who have experience with the transporter. A big mistake is to solely rely on referrals from captains and brokers. At United Yacht Transport, we have been transporting yachts to worldwide destinations for years and testimonials from many satisfied clients attest to our excellent service.
  • Make sure the transporter has cargo insurance. Do not confuse carriers’ liability insurance with cargo insurance. Liability insurance protects the carriers if they are sued for a wrongdoing while hauling your boat. Cargo insurance is what protects your boat against any damage. Be sure to ask for proof of coverage. Also talk with delivery cruise beforehand to find out who pays for weather or mechanical delays. Knowing exactly the terms and conditions of the transportation will help to put your mind at ease and ensure a trouble-free delivery. At United Yacht Transport, we are happy to provide you with all details of your transport process. In addition, we handle customs clearance, marine slips, logistics, risk insurance, and more so that you have the best yacht shipping experience possible. We can also give you a free price quote for transporting with us.
  • Have a professional crew prepare your boat for shipping. Before the trip, your boat needs to be in tip-top condition. Clean the bottom, change oil and filters, check safety equipment, and stock up on spares. After ensuring that the boat is in good condition to undertake its journey without any problems, added steps can be taken to make it stand up to any adverse weather or travel conditions that it may face. Shrink-wrapping the yacht, removing parts that may not fit easily in the available space, and winterizing (if needed) are some of the things that should be done. All this, and whatever more is needed, can be handled by a professional and knowledgeable crew. While this may seem expensive, and even unneeded, you will be surprised by how essential these preparations are and how they can go a long way in preventing travel damage to your boat.
  • Schedule well in advance. Avoid the hassles of last-minute transporting by booking three or more months in advance. Sometimes, you may find savings of 15 percent or more by booking early. Last-minute bookings also come with the increased risk of schedule changes. So if your boat needs to be at a certain place and at a certain time, you need to make transport arrangements in time.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of land versus water transport. One or the other mode of transportation may be suitable for your specific destination. It is best to look into pricing, the weather, schedules, and other considerations before deciding on the best mode of transportation for your yacht. If possible, you may also want to think about transporting one way and cruising the return.

Shipping boats is not a simple task. Keeping the above considerations in mind can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money by having a worry-free and accident-free transport. United Yacht Transport is here to serve you with all your boat transport needs. We pride ourselves not just on years of experience, but also for a team of dedicated and professional personnel, knowledge of local laws and conditions, scheduling custom voyages, and competitive pricing. Just call us today at 954-383-4448 to find out how we can help you.



Plan The Ultimate Mediterranean Vacation With The Best Yacht Transport

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If you’re planning a winter break this year, a trip to the Med could be just the thing. The weather will be just pleasant enough for you to enjoy it, and you’ll get to see a whole host of beautiful countries as you travel. If you travel in your yacht, then it’s even better. You can sail the coastlines, exploring the area at your own pace. Here are some of the best tips for planning your Mediterranean vacation this winter.

Plan Which Countries You’ll Visit

The joy of the Med is that there are so many countries that you can plan to see during your vacation. Before you go, make a list of the places you really want to see. Some planning will be needed if you want to fit it all in. Think about what you want out of a vacation. Do you want to see the sights? Do you want to sunbathe on beautiful beaches? Do you want to be active and do exciting activities? Factor all these things in when you’re thinking about where to go.

Think About Transporting Your Yacht

If you have your own boat, you really should think about yacht transport. You can get your own boat over to the Mediterranean without any hassle at all. If you’ve never done it before, yacht shipping is done by placing your boat on a specialized cargo ship and literally shipping it over to the country of your choice. Having your own boat with you makes transport a whole lot easier, and much more scenic.

Attend (Or Avoid!) Local Celebrations

If you’re looking to attend as many local festivals and celebrations as you can, start looking at local calendars now. They’re a brilliant way to get to know the locals and have an authentic experience in their country. If you’d rather avoid the crowds, then learn the dates anyway. They’ll tell you when to avoid certain areas!

Don’t Hurry Too Much

The temptation with a trip through the Mediterranean is to rush it and squeeze everything in. You’ll see more countries, sure, but you’ll hardly experience anything. Attempt to spend at least two nights in any destination. That way, you’ll really get a feel for the area, and you’ll get more out of your trip. Remember, you don’t want to come back so exhausted that you need another vacation to get over it.

Think About Your Interests

When you head to the Mediterranean, you’ll see that there really is something for everyone there. A good way to plan your trip is to match your destinations to your interests. For example, if you love Renaissance art, then you really have to visit Florence. If you’re into big cities, try Rome or Venice. If you want to get off the beaten path, visit Bosnia or Morocco.

Be Aware Of Cultural Difficulties

As you’re traveling, you’ll come across countries that are less politically stable than your home country. This isn’t a reason to avoid them, but you should certainly be aware of them. Before you travel, look up any local laws that you’ll need to be aware of. It may be something very simple, such as women needing to cover their heads in public, but make sure you abide by the rules. The last thing you want is to run into trouble on your vacation.

Assume You’ll Come Back

Lots of people take their ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to the Mediterranean, only to return again and again. No matter how long you travel for, it’s impossible to see everything. Make your plans and think about what you want to see, but remember that you’ll probably end up going back. That way, you can feel a lot more relaxed.

Hopefully, you’re now inspired to book your boat transport and get ready for a vacation in the Med. These tips will help you get the most from your travels. Bon voyage!


Our Yacht Shipping Company is the Leader in North America.


Let Us Transport Your Yacht to Your Vacation Destination.

fishing from yachtAre you planning on taking a vacation of a lifetime to Costa Rica for fishing, hiking trails through the rain forest, cruising the coast line and scuba diving? You have your own yacht, but you are not experienced enough boat captain to travel through the open waters to get there. What is the alternative? You could charter a boat once you get there, but then what is the point of having your own yacht? This is where Untied Yacht Transport can help! We take the planning and hassles of vessel transportation out your hands. read more →

Year-Round Yacht Transportation


Our Yacht Transportation Company Will Treat Your Vessel Like It Was Ours.

Port EvergladesWhen you want your yacht treated with the utmost in care while transporting, contact a company which will do just that. Your beautiful yacht needs to be taken care of by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Our team of specialists at United Yacht Transport are safe, reliable, and professional. We transport from the coasts of North America to across the world. Your yacht is your pride and joy, let our experienced staff take care of transporting it to its next destination.


Know About the Company that is Transporting Your Yacht.

Before choosing the company for your yacht transportation, you should know a little about them. First of all, ask them if they have all of the proper licensing required by the appropriate authorities. If you are in doubt of their licensing, you can always check out their company at the SAFER website to ensure that they are indeed licensed properly. Next, ask them about their insurance. Of course, you will have your own insurance policy but if you don’t have a policy that covers transport damages, the cost of damage may come out of your pocket. Also, ask if they have a tracking system on the cargo ship. This way you can monitor the transportation progress. And above all, ask for references. Word of mouth is typically a credible way to get information. You can also read independent reviews online. Remember to get an estimate! Don’t choose a company with all of those hidden costs. Ask for an upfront cost and make sure that the company sticks with it. Lastly, ask the company if there is anything that you need to personally do to prepare for the transfer of your boat.

Year-Round Yacht Transportation.

pbcYacht transportation, when done by the leading company in North America, offers the owner an experience that he will remember. United Yacht Transport is, in fact, the leader in this industry in North America. By giving our customers a reliable year-round sailing schedule, unparalleled customer service, and a low price guarantee, we have worked our way to the top. Our specialists pay attention to every detail from the moment you choose us to transport your yacht. From loading directly from the water or shore up to the cargo ship, until the minute your yacht reaches its destination, our focus is on the care and safety of your vessel. We also are extremely familiar with each port that we travel to and can offer specific details about each if need be. By transporting boats to the most popular ports around the world year-round, we know the safe passageways like the back of our hand. Our knowledge and flexibility are what sets us apart from competitors. And our safety record is impeccable.

We Are Professionals in the Yacht Shipping Industry.

All of our Untied Yacht Transport employees are put through a demanding and laborious training process to ensure their knowledge in each step by step procedure. From loading and unloading to handling slings and chains used to secure each vessel, our team knows and understands the progression from beginning to end. The experienced seamen that we work with know the seas we travel, if there is ever an unforeseen circumstance due to the weather, they will make the call to possibly delay or re-route. Safety to both people and possession is a number one priority in our company. Our insurance policy is through Lloyd’s of London which is an A rated insurance company. We also receive daily email updates from the cargo vessel with estimated time of arrival for each port destination.

South Florida is the Home of Our Yacht Transport Company.

Located in South Florida, United Yacht Transport Company is at the heart of the yachting capital of the world! Fort Lauderdale has more than 300 miles of waterways and has tens of thousands of registered yachts in the water. South Florida has more registered boats in the area than in any other state in the United States. Also, South Florida is where the International boat show is held. Every year, about 100,000 people come to this event to see new and exciting vendors. The boat show is a spectacular affair showcasing yacht designers and builders, high-performance boats, sailing yachts and motor yachts and so much more. If you are a boat lover, this is a show that you do not want to miss. So it is no wonder that tourists come from all corners of the world to visit. And for this reason, United Yacht Transport has the perfect place to call home.

Contact Us Today for A Boat Shipping Estimate.

Yacht Transport - United Yacht Transport -  Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Yacht Transport – United Yacht Transport – Aberdeen, Hong Kong

With our wonderful customer reviews, knowledgeable and reliable staff, and our low price guarantee, there is not a single reason that you should choose another company when it comes to yacht transportation. If your vessel needs to go to or come from any of the major destinations that we travel to, give us a call or send us an email for a free quote. We will treat your yacht as if it was our own, which will keep you coming back to us each time you need to reach a new destination. Some of our destinations include the coasts of North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean. Don’t settle for a substandard company with hidden fees or less than qualified employees. Go with a company who is known throughout the yachting community as being top-notch in the industry.

Three Ways to Protect Yourself and your Yacht when Sailing in Foreign Waters

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Enjoying time on your valuable vessel is one of the greatest benefits of yacht ownership. While sailing the world is an exciting idea and is much looked forward to by yacht owners, there are many things they must consider to ensure that they are protecting their valuable investment. Yacht transport is always one option for these owners providing a more relaxing experience as they travel aboard their yacht. Boat transport costs often add up to less than if yacht owners sailed their yachts on their own and can increase safety when sailing in foreign waters. Another safety precaution that can be invaluable to sailors is to consider doing extensive research on the area that they will be traveling to before embarking on their overseas excursion. Additionally, be prepared with all of the necessary paperwork can ensure a smooth and successful voyage.

Yacht Shipping

When deciding to embark on a journey sailing through foreign waters, vessel owners have two options. One is to set sail on the seas as their own captain and make sure they are prepared as possible for any hang-ups that may take along the way. Another option is to ship their yacht with a qualified yacht transport company. Choosing this option allows the boat owner to ride along the vessel while it is in transport, saving them the hassle of many navigating responsibilities. The staff with United Yacht Transport is highly qualified and skilled to ensure a safe and efficient boat shipping process. Additionally, we offer a safe boating solution for yacht owners ensuring their comfortability and security when traveling through foreign waters.

Thorough Research

If deciding to embark on a journey through foreign waters as the captain of your vessel and navigating on your own, there are many details to consider before setting sail. Before leaving for your overseas excursion, it is important to conduct thorough research of the area that you will be traveling to help you become familiar with the foreign bodies of water. Important details such as the language, ports along the way, navigation, and rules are a good thing to familiarize yourself within each nation.

Boating rules are based on an etiquette expectation. Customs rules also vary and are very important. Making sure you are properly vaccinated to protect against any health threats of the area that you are traveling to is also another important aspect of preparation. When planning your route it is also important to plan your journey considering the customs offices along the way to properly announce that you are always arriving in a new country.

Paperwork Preparation

Another important part of traveling abroad is ensuring that you are carrying the adequate paperwork with you in order to safely cross the borders in your vessel. In international waters dealing with authorities requires specific documentation depending on your situation. Some important documents to have updated and with you upon your vessel are passports, Visas, boat registration, insurance paperwork, and if applicable, the boat rental agreement, travel insurance documentation, boaters safety cards, and proper pet documentation for any animals traveling with you. In addition to making sure all paperwork is available, it is important to also have back up copies kept in a secure, waterproof bag in case of an emergency where the vessel becomes waterlogged.

United Yacht Transport

United Yacht Transport headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a specialized yacht transport company who are highly skilled in helping you with all of your boat transport needs. Their global reach and knowledge experience have allowed them to build a comprehensive network of global agents and partners which help to streamline the process of shipping yachts abroad. United Yacht travels to destinations worldwide and can accommodate your schedule in a timely fashion.

For a detailed breakdown of boat transport costs and a free boat shipping estimate, call our qualified staff today. We can help you decide if boat transport is the right choice for you. Any time you embark on the open waters, the best tips for protecting yourself in foreign waters is to be educated and prepared. For an enjoyable experience traveling abroad, call United Yacht Transport today.


Why to Consider Yacht Transport on the West Coast

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Yacht transport to the West Coast is both easy and affordable. The West Coast offers warm and luxurious destinations for boaters of all sizes. Fun for the family, a solo trip, or a romantic getaway, it sure can be found here on the West Coast. If you’ve been thinking about making a trip out west, but aren’t really sure as to where to go. Hopefully, these destinations will help you further consider why the West coast is a great place to visit and vacation in. First, let’s talk about why transportation in the first place.

Why Yacht Transportation?

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to sail to a destination? While some people may enjoy that, as sailing there would be an adventure in and of it, sailing for long distances is very hard on a vessel. Additionally, individuals who are sailing up the west coast will have a difficult time. There’s little to no shelter and individuals are essentially trapped on the open water. It’s quite miserable and not the easiest or best option available. Besides, there’s no possible way to ensure that everything goes smoothly on a long yacht journey. Which is why a yacht transport is so much better than doing it yourself.

Port of La Paz, Mexico

A quickly emerging luxury travel destination. This port is set near the southern tip of Baja California Sur, La Paz. It is 140 miles north of Los Cabos, which is a mecca of tourism. La Paz means “The Peace.” And the city itself holds up to that name. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, La Paz is where you want to be. Aiming to be a magnet for luxury travel and second homes, it hasn’t lost its tranquil and indigenous charm and cultures. Enjoy Mexican hospitality amid the bluest waters you’ve ever seen and amazing wildlife.

Port of Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan means “Place of Deer.” This former sleepy fishing village until the 19th century, is now a growing tourism hot spot. It transformed into a bustling port which receives vessels from as far as Asia and Europe. Boasting major beach resorts and hundreds of miles of beaches this city is anything but sleepy anymore. Known for its fishing industry, it’s known for its seafood like shrimp and tuna. Not only is this port known for its fishing and luxurious hotel accommodations but this city is also known for its golfing links. Featuring 3 different 18-hole golf courses to excite and challenge golfers of all levels and all ages. The most popular golfing course is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific.”

Port of Cristobal, Panama

Located at the most western edge of Manzanillo Island sits the beautiful and bustling Port of Cristobal. Nature is the dominant attraction here. Known for its central spine of a mountain that forms the continental divide, which is a part of the great mountain chains of North America. Over the last 5 years, tourism has exploded in this area. Thanks to economic incentives Americans have been flocking to this destination for vacation and retirement purposes. Frankly, we think that it’s just so nice here that no one really wants to leave. Panama has one of the third or fourth largest economies in Central America, with one of the fastest growing economies due to the largest per capita consumer in Central America.

Yacht shipping is a major industry. However, very few companies can truly say that their service is the best of the best. We know just how important and special your vessel is to you and your family. Which is why we ship every vessel in the same way we would if it was our own. No matter which coast you want to go to or which port you’d like a pick up from, our team of highly trained and experienced shippers can help to get the job done and done right. From the west coast to the east coast and every port in between. We know just what it takes to ship a vessel and ship it right. From scheduling to paperwork, we handle it all throughout the entire process. So, start planning your next trip today with us.


Yacht Transportation – Three Places you Might Want to Go

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With the holiday season, right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your holiday trips. It’s also not a bad idea to start planning for next summer as well. Travel all around the world in style with the best yacht transport company in the business. From Canada to Costa Rica or Florida to Hong Kong, there’s really not a destination that can’t be reached. We can get you to the hottest vacation destinations on time and in style. Don’t let a silly thing like logistics keep your summer or holiday plans from happening. If you aren’t sure where to go, might we suggest a few different destinations? These three places are going to have you wanting to come back year after year.

Hong Kong

Not always the first destination when it comes to thinking of boating ports. However, Hong Kong is where the East meets the West in a beautiful union of culture and style. Hong Kong has a different political system than the mainland of China. It is a wonderful city that is considered the fifth most important city in the world. It is a leader in International financial centers and a major capitalist service economy, which is characterized by low taxation and free trade. Some of the most popular and must-see attractions in Hong Kong are the Avenue of the Stars, The Peak, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Temple Street Night Market, the Clock Tower, and so many others. Its rich and vibrant culture makes it a frequented destination. Clients’ yachts are carefully supported in the port with industrial strength straps. Yacht transport is one of the most important parts of service we provide to exotic destinations like Hong Kong.

Port of Vancouver, Canada

Another hot spot, Vancouver, Canada, has been listed as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. It is a rich and vibrant city with a unique art culture. Known for its prominent theaters which include the Arts Club Theatre Company, Touchstone Theater, and Studio 58. There is also the Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs in September, and is considered one of the largest film festivals in North America. You will love the coastal seaport and numerous attractions, as well as numerous links to other cities. We have been transporting yachts to Vancouver, Canada for over 10 years now. It’s a wildly popular and world-renowned destination.

Port of Ensenada, Mexico

Mexico is always a top destination for travel. This port is located in Ensenada, Baja California and is the second busiest port, as well as the second most visited port-of-call for cruise lines and yacht transportation visits in Mexico. Located just 78 miles south of San Diego, California, the city of Ensenada is often referred to as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.” A popular yacht transport destination thanks to its numerous links to various and other popular Mexico destinations.

The city of Ensenada represents the cultural dynamic between the unique Mexican heritage and the juxtaposition of a modern day city. Popular activities are, of course, water sports. The city offers some of the best water skiing, kiteboarding, yachting (naturally, of course), windsurfing, swimming, parasailing, and other activities for all ages. Jump off the boat and hit the small mountain ranges for a lovely day hike if that suits your fancy. Enjoy the warm, Mediterranean like breeze all year round. This destination is perfect for a quick getaway or a long stay.

If you’re planning your next boating adventure, call us or go online to get a free boat shipping estimate. Our shipping costs ensure that your vessel arrives on time and without any damage. Traveling is so much easier when you travel with us. No matter what coast or continent your vessel is located at, you can be sure that we can handle the job. From arranging a pick up to the drop off point, we always have everything under control and handled in the most professional manner. Stop waiting for the last minute to plan your next great trip. Start planning today and start planning your trip with us.


The Top Three Hottest European Yachting Destinations

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Yacht transport services are designed to ship boats of all sizes to desired destinations. From European ports to global docks, United Yacht can get your vessel to any location within time and budget. In fact, we have the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently transport your yacht across the world. As your yacht shipping professionals, we specialize in transporting cutters, cruisers, pleasure boats and so much more.

We also take care of all paperwork and particulars, including the port of call applications, insurance, and boat inspections. We even handle light repairs and modifications, which ensure yachts, are ready for safe transport and delivery. From boat shipping costs to free estimates and quotes, here are some more services we offer for new and recurring clients:

  • Shipping boats, yachts and vessels to ports-of-call, marinas, and worldwide docks – this could be for personal transport requests, along with commercial transport and/or buying and selling.
  • Shipping of new yachts to specific destinations for new owners – or existing boats that require extensive repairs, reworks, and modifications.
  • Transport and transit services for clients that do not wish to sail their boats to specific destinations. For example: clients may require yacht transportation to the islands for family vacations, corporate gatherings, business junkets and more.
  • Yacht shipping for domestic or international transports – large container ships, steamers, and other huge vessels that carry or tow yachts for market sales, trades or other commercial/personal transactions.

Yacht Shipping to Europe

Europe is one of the most visited continents on the planet. From France and Italy to England and beyond – Europe is synonymous with world-class yachting and sailing. The continent is also a haven for tourists that love shopping, nautical sports, sightseeing and visiting historic museums and buildings. With this in mind, we offer yacht shipping services for all clients to and from Europe.

From the Southern Coast of France and Monaco to Spain, we are always available to get your boats to all destinations on time. Whether you love charter fishing, deep-sea fishing, or simply sailing the many coasts of Europe, United Yacht turns your boat shipping needs into realities. Here are some of the hottest yachting destinations in Europe you should consider:

Sicily and Italy

Italy is known for its world-renowned cuisine and fashionable attire. From Palermo to Sardinia, the country is also the epicenter for Southern European yachting. Whether for charter fishing expeditions or family vacations, sailing the Italian coastlines is like nothing in the world. From the cool sea breezes to seeing fish and other animals at play – we can ship your boat to Italy for a vacation experience of a lifetime!

The French Riviera

The French Riviera is one of the most premier destinations for yachting and sailing. From Cannes to Saint Tropez, we are your premier yacht shippers and will take care of all your needs. This includes boat shipping for charter fishing, along with family vacations and even corporate events. The South of France is synonymous with picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery. In fact, this elegant and lavish region is also known for jet skiing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and yachting for all families and visitors. Simply check the Web to boat shipping schedules, along with rates and any customized repair or inspection services.

Summer Cruising in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is also a popular destination for yachting and boating. As a tiny, independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline, Monaco is known for its upscale casinos and yacht-lined harbor. With this in mind, we will ship your yachts and vessels to Monaco for all vacations and trips. Whether for the Grand Prix or visiting one of many coastline luxury hotels, boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants – there is nothing like sailing in Monaco for all families and guests. You can even hire someone (charter companies) to sail your yacht while you and your loved ones enjoy the weather and coastline attractions. Let us know if this too is something you are interested in.

These are some of the hottest yachting destinations in Europe. You can also speak to your travel agency about yachting and charter boating locations across Europe. No matter your destination, you can rely on us to provide cost-affordable and secure yacht shipping services around the world. For more information, simply contact us today or visit our website.

World’s Largest Independent Boat Shipping Company United Yacht Transport Launches New Liner Service Division!!!


Getting your boat, yacht, or cargo shipped between two places, especially internationally, can be an extremely difficult and stressful process. With many different ways to ship your goods and boats overseas, liner shipping is a method that works for everyone. United Yacht Transport, the North American leader in boat shipping, explains the types, methods, and advantages of liner services: read more →

Summer is Over, but there are Still Great Destinations to Visit this Winter!

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With the summer months behind us naturally we transition to a dormant state of mind. Our days are starting to cool off, and we begin to brace ourselves for chilly winter weather. Just because summer has ended, your vacation state of mind does not have to! There are many great vacation destinations that are ideal for the winter months. The winter months are the perfect time for yachts to head to warmer climates and for their patrons to enjoy the open waters. Tropical climates make great winter destinations. Whether you decide to hire a yacht transport company or set out on the voyage yourself, there are many things to consider. United Yacht Transport offers premier services to ensure the safety of your yacht to your destination with the best boat transport costs available to our valued customers.

Winter Destinations

Some of the most popular winter charter destinations are located in the islands of the Caribbean stretching all the way through the chain of islands including Cuba and Jamaica in the west, down through the Virgin Islands, The Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, finally ending at Trinidad and Tobago in the south. These destinations are particularly popular in the winter months for those looking to escape the colder climates of Europe and North American. For a detailed boat shipping estimate contact United Yacht Transport to see how we can provide you with a convenient service that can make your travels a breeze.

Yacht Transportation

Our premier yacht transportation services are an ideal option for a hassle-free boat shipping company. Headquartered out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we specialize in transporting yachts to any destination around the world. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the handling of your precious vessel. Whether onshore or aboard our ships you can be sure that the management team will treat your yacht as if it were their own. Our company is always expanding so no job is too big, and we can give you the confidence that you are looking for when you leave your yacht in our care.

Our Customized Transport Options

For a customized yacht transport service with a great reputation, we are your top choice for providing a quality service that you can trust. When you call United Yacht Transport our qualified staff will listen to all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. By providing the logistical support we can help you choose the best route to suit your voyage needs. From price inquiries to a complete preparation guide, our staff is standing by to help with all of your questions. Our marina slips are kept clean and maintained with all parts in pristine working order to ensure your yacht is docked safely while in our care. Our Delivery Captains are of the highest trained in their industry. We also provide an all risk insurance to our customers to further enhance your peace of mind while your yacht is in our care.

United Yacht Transport

When you book your yacht transport with United Yacht Transport you are choosing the largest Yacht Transport Carrier in the world for your shipping needs. Located conveniently off of State Road on Marina Mile in Fort Lauderdale, Florida our location is perfect for your yacht transport needs. Our Crew and management are a highly trained staff that you can trust who take pride in your vessel as if it were their own. All pre-bookings are offered an amazing 15% pre-booking discount. We can transport your yacht worldwide from Asia, the Caribbean, North America East and West Coast, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

Our great customer testimonials on our website can help you answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you need when trusting us with you yacht transportation. For a free estimate, call our experienced customer service team today. They are available to address your needs and help you pick the route that is the best choice for your yacht. Nothing is more exciting than discovering the world. United Yacht Transport is your answer for all of your worldwide travel destinations.


Tips for Your First Visit to Santorini, Greece

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When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, Greece is one of the most magical, and mysterious, places on Earth. With beautiful scenery, incredible history, picturesque villages, and fantastic tourist destinations, the country of Greece, with its thousands of islands, is a must-see. Home of the first Olympics, the Parthenon, and the majestic city of Athens, there are countless things to do here.

If you venture off the mainland and plan to visit one of the islands, we suggest the island of Santorini.
This little isle is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea and was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. This volcanic disaster has forever shaped Santorini’s rugged landscape. The whitewashed, cubiform houses of its two principal towns, Fira and Oia, cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera (crater). The houses sit incredibly close together and many are several stories high. The homes overlook the sea, small islands to the west and the island’s beaches. Interestingly, Santorini’s beaches are comprised of black, red and white lava pebbles; remnants of the volcanic eruption long ago.

How our boat shipping company can make your vacation better

Just think about how beautiful it would be to cruise across the waters of the Aegean Sea while on your vacation. Unfortunately, that is such a long trip for you to try to make across the ocean. The good news is, you can still have your boat in Santorini without risking your life driving it across the ocean. With our Yacht Transport Company, we use our carrier ships to transport boats across the ocean. Use us again to get your boat back state-side from Greece when your vacation there is over.

We use boat shipping to ship boats around the world

The United Yacht Transport Company, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in transporting yachts via carrier ships across the ocean to any worldwide destination. Thus, we use boats to transport boats, going anywhere you would like us to take it. If you buy a yacht in Canada but want it shipped to you in Italy, you are in luck. Our yacht transport business has boat shipping destinations that include the East and West Coasts of North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Costa Rica, Singapore, Greece, Hong Cong, Italy, Japan, Panama, Canada, and the Mediterranean.

How does yacht transportation work?

When you are ready to ship your yacht, contact us, explaining details and destinations. When it comes time to send your boat, the size of it will determine how it is loaded onto the transport vessel. If your boat is larger and more cumbersome, it will be placed in a trailer (or cradle, as some call it) and driven aboard the transport ship where it will be parked on the deck. If your boat is lighter, however, it can be picked up by a crane and placed onboard. From there, it will sail effortlessly across the sea, enjoying the company of other yachts, to its destination.

What sets us above our competitors?

We are proud to not only be leaders in the business but are direct carriers who provide safe, reliable and cost-effective yacht shipping services. We have shipped more boats from the East to West coasts of North America than any other carrier. With one of the lowest boat shipping costs, we handle boats ranging in size from 30 feet up to 160 feet in length!

We make certain that our customer service far outshines the rest – our slogan is: “Once you call us, we are sure you’ll call us for all your shipping needs.” Call today for a free quote or go online. Ask us about our 15% pre-booking discounts. Trust the UYT to take good care of you! We can guarantee your peace of mind, knowing that your boat will be handled gently by our trained professionals. Expect timely and efficient deliveries, and never be late again for a show.

With UYT, it is always smooth sailing! From beginning to end, we ensure that your boat will be safely handled. Go online and check out the testimonials from customers who have entrusted their boats to us.